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Download Designs & Send to Your Machine

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Download Designs & Send To Your Machine

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Let's take a look at the process to download your designs and get them to your machine. After shopping and submitting your order, you are given a link to download your designs. Click on this link that will take you to the Download page.

Click on the small thumbnail images to enlarge.

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Download Later
If you do not want to download the designs right away, you can return at a more convenient time on any computer and download your designs as often as you need to in as many different formats that you need. Log in and click on the My Account tab, and then on Order History to bring up a list of your orders with your most recent order at the top. Click on the link Download Order, located right below the order number and your Download page will load.

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Download Area
The Download page shows all the formats that are available to immediately download. The formats are at the top of the column and if the format is available there will be a blue button with a white down arrow in the column below the format letters.

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The first time you download you will have the option to choose a default format to eliminate all of the formats that you would not normally use. You can choose one format or more than one, if you wish to download more than one format. I have chosen DST, EXP, HUS and PES as my default formats.

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If you want to view all of the formats available again, click on the link at the top right of the page.

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Download Zipped or Email Zipped
If there are multiple pages of downloads you will need to do this for each page. Download the entire page of designs in a zipped compressed file, click on the white folder with a zipper on it that sits below the format that you want to download.

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A box will pop up giving you the choice to "Zip and Email" or "Zip and Download" the entire page of designs.

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If you choose to "Zip and Email” the designs will be emailed to the email address that is registered to your account. You can then open the email and agree to download and SAVE the attachment to your computer. If you choose “Zip and Download” the designs will be downloaded and saved to your computer. Choose either option and click on Continue. SAVE the File A box will pop up asking if you want to “Open” or “Save” or “Cancel”. Click on SAVE.

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Unzip the Folder
After you have saved the compressed zipped file to your computer the file will need to be unzipped. Depending on your operating system, you may be able to simply double click on the zipped file and click on “Extract” inside the folder. If your operating system doesn’t include that feature, you can unzip by hovering your cursor over the zipped file and RIGHT click to bring up the Options Menu, and then LEFT click on “Extract” or “Extract All” to bring up the Windows wizard box. LEFT click on the button at the lower right that says either “Extract” or “Next”. (If it says “Next” you will have to click on “Next” again and then on “Finish”.) The unzipped folder will then pop up in front of you containing the files that you can transfer to your machine or open in your software.

Download Unzipped
To download the design unzipped, click on the blue button with the white down arrow that sits to the right of the design image and in the column of your format. Choose to SAVE the design to your computer. Do this for each design.

Do not try to open the files until after they are saved to your computer, and only try opening the file in embroidery design software. If you do not have embroidery design software installed on your computer, your operating system might try opening the file with another program, such as Adobe, which cannot open the embroidery design file.

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Change Format
If you do not see a download button in the column of your format, click on the "Change Format" link that sits to the right of the design image.

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Choose your format from the drop down list. Click on the "Convert Now" button.

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The design will be converted and you will be given a link to download the design. Click "Download File" link and SAVE to your computer.

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Download the Color Chart
Click on the "Color Chart" link to open a small window of a color image of the design, along with the design details such as the size and color sequence. Click on the "Print Window" link at the top right corner of the window to print a copy of the design and details. To download the text file (.TXT) of the design information, click on the "Download Details" icon or link at the upper left corner.

Note: Print out and use the color charts provided by The colors will be represented correctly on the color charts, and may not be from your software's color palette. More information about design colors can be found at:

Click to enlarge Find the Downloads Folder
The design will save by default in a Downloads folder that is located under the Documents folder or Library folder or other location, depending on your operating system. After you download, some Internet browsers will offer the option to "open folder" or "show in folder', which you can click to open the folder where the files downloaded. If you do not see this option, you will have to find the Downloads folder on your computer.

You might find the Downloads folder under Favorites by clicking on the Start button at the lower left of the Desktop, then in the right column of the panel click on Computer. View the tree at the left in Explorer to find the folders listed under Favorites. Click on Downloads.

If you do not find the Downloads folder in that list, click on the Start button and then on Documents in the right column panel. Look in the Documents folder for the Downloads folder. (If you do not find the Downloads folder under Documents, be sure to check the Documents folder for the design files, in the case that your computer has set the Documents folder as your default downloads folder.)

Send File to the Machine
After you have found the files and extracted any zip files, move the designs to a specific folder on your computer where you store your designs or move them to the device that runs the machine like a USB flash drive choosing one of the following options:

·         Send To: RIGHT click on the design file, LEFT click on Send To. LEFT click on the device where you want the file to be transferred, such as "Removable Disk" (or name of USB drive) or choose the port where the USB cable where your machine is plugged into. 
·         Copy & Paste: RIGHT click on the file; LEFT click on Copy. Open the folder or drive and RIGHT click anywhere inside; LEFT click on Paste. The file will then copy to where it has been pasted. 
·         Drag & Drop: Place your cursor over the top of the file; HOLD DOWN the LEFT click key and drag to the folder or drive, and then LET GO of the left key. The file will drop into the folder or drive.
·         Open in Software and Save: If you have embroidery design software installed on your computer you can open the design in your software and save the design to the folder or drive of your choice, or write the design to your program card. 

Note when saving to USB drive: Some machines, like many Janome models, have a specific folder on the USB drive where the designs must be moved so that the machine will find them. Check with your dealer or machine manual to find out if you need to create a special folder on the USB and what to name that folder. Move the designs into that specific folder.

Run the Design
Plug the device into the machine and turn on the machine. Follow the instructions in your manual to have the machine look for and load data. If you are using a USB drive or USB cable connection the function is usually designated by the icon for USB.

More help to download and other FAQs can be found at: 

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Meet The Author: Bonnie Landsberger
Bonnie Landsberger has been a crafter and hand embroiderer since childhood and a machine embroiderer and digitizer since 1986. She was the in-house head digitizer for a 50-head embroidery shop for 11 years and later offered custom digitizing services and stock design sales through her web site for Moonlight Design since 1993. She currently also holds a position as a customer service representative at Bonnie has won several awards for digitizing, including a gold medal in the 2002 Digitizing Olympics and grand prize in all categories & first place for Winter Holidays category in the Stitches Magazine Great Greeting Card Contest 2003. Her embroidery and digitizing technical articles can be found in various trade magazines and she is currently a contributing writer and Editorial Advisory Board Member for Stitches Magazine. You can also find more of her articles online at and will continue to contribute articles to our Learning Center.

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Anonymous Aug 09, 2014
Very interesting.

Anonymous Aug 09, 2014
I found it very interesting.

Anonymous Sep 06, 2014
Thank you, not all of us computer savy! This helps. Carol

Anonymous Sep 06, 2014
Thank you so much for this information--I have had my machine for a while but I often forget how to find my designs. I printed this so I have the instructions when I need them. :) Some who embroider often perhaps do not have that problem.

Susan H Sep 06, 2014
Thank you!

Roberta S Nov 08, 2014
Thank you - very helpful.

Anonymous Nov 09, 2014
I'm sure this will help I'm going to try as soon as I can thank you.

Karen K Jan 12, 2015
I have never understood downloading designs, though I manage to muddle my way through it. Sooner or later I find the design I downloaded. I am pretty new at embroidery so I am sure this article is going to open my eyes to an "aha moment".

Nancy L Apr 23, 2015
I am confused the downloads I received today went to the right file, but they open in Windows Media Center - what did I do wrong. Nancy Laflin

Patricia M Jul 05, 2015
I download the designs and copy them to my thumb drive but my machine does not read them. UGH!!! I have the Viking ruby royale. I am going crazy!!! Help!

KATHY R Aug 09, 2015
I had Windows7, will Windows 10 work the same way?

Laurel U Nov 28, 2015
I am new to downloads and I think I figured out how to get them to my USB and copy them to my compactflash disc that I use in my Janome. For each design I see the file name with different extensions (i.e vip, ART, blf, etc.) along with my digitizer icon (that has the actual design) and am wondering if I need to store all those extra files with the extensions?

Linda M Feb 24, 2016
How çan I get a download from my ipad

Anonymous Feb 01, 2017
I don't know how to thank you I have had my simplicity silk 403 for 4 month now and you are the only person who has helped me to understand the jargon of how to download and upload my designs to my computer I wish I could give you more stars.
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