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FSL Decorative Easter Egg Tree

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  • 4” x 4” embroidery hoop
  • Fibrous Water Soluble Stabilizer such as Floriani® Wet N Gone
  • Polyester Embroidery Thread
  • 60wt Bobbin Thread in White or Matching Colors
  • 4 Pastel Colors of 1/8” ribbon
  • Smooth Cotton Dishtowel
  • Tapestry needle
  • 12 Arm Ornament Tree – by Tripar® from Amazon
  • A couple of handfuls of Easter grass
  • 3 small wind up chicks
  • 7” Grapevine Wreath

  • Designs used in this project

    Final Product: What You Will Create

    Bobbin threads for embroidery machines are a lighter weight (a higher number) such as 60 weight as opposed to embroidery thread which is 40 wt. The tensions of your machine have been set for this combination of thread. FSL designs are stitch intensive in order for them to retain their shape when they are completed. Therefore, it is important to use a proper weight bobbin when stitching. Bobbins pre-wound with 60wt colored thread are available. When using pastel colors to stitch these designs using regular bobbin weight thread in white is just fine. It blends right into the colored threads on the back of the design.
    The time listed above is for stitching out the design. Drying time is not included as it may vary greatly depending on the weather and humidity in your location.

    Step 1:
    Tautly hoop two layers of fibrous water soluble stabilizer in your embroidery hoop.

    (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Step 2:
    With 40wt thread in the top of the machine and 60wt thread in the bobbin stitch out the design.

    (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Step 3:
    Remove the design from the hoop and cut loosely around the shape pf the design with about a ¼” margin.

    (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Step 4:
    Trim the two tie stitch threads on the back of the work. Hold the eggs under running hot water just long enough to remove the water soluble backing. We want some of the backing to remain in the egg to keep it stiff.

    (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Step 5:
    Lay the eggs on a smooth cotton dishtowel to dry. Stitch out a total of 12 eggs. Since there are 10 eggs in this collection you will need to sew 2 of the designs twice.

    (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Step 6:
    This picture is of the back of one of the eggs sewn with white bobbin thread. As you can see the white thread barely shows due to the density of these designs.

    Step 7:
    Thread a 12” to 15” piece of 1/8th” ribbon through the tapestry needle and feed the ribbon through the loop at the top of the egg.

    (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Step 8:
    (Click Image to Enlarge)
    Knot the ribbons over the top of one of the hooks on the metal tree to determine how far you want the egg to hang down.

    Step 9:
    (Click Image to Enlarge)
    Then lay your egg on the table and tie a little bow and trim the excess ends from the ribbon. Repeat for all 12 eggs. Hang each of the eggs from the ornament tree as you go to distribute egg colors and hanging lengths.

    Step 10:
    Slip the wreath over the base of the ornament stand, add a few handfuls of Easter grass and arrange your chicks. Congratulations your FSL Easter Egg Tree is complete!

    For the love of embroidery…
    Pat Williams

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    Meet The Author: Pat Williams
    Award winning Digitizer, Embroidery Educator, Author and a Consultant to the Industry, Pat Williams has 20 years of experience in the embroidery industry. Pat has won multiple awards for her digitizing expertise including the 2007 Impressions Awards Grand Championship, Best of Show as well as the 1st and 2nd Place Awards.. Pat’s love of digitizing has afforded her the opportunity to write many articles for Impressions magazine in the United States and Images Magazine in Europe. She also has authored her own digitizing training CD series, “Digitizing Steps to Success.” In 2001 Pat was named “Embroidery Educator of the Year.” For many years Pat lead digitizing seminars at the ISS Shows in Long Beach, CA and for Compucon software. Pat retired from the commercial embroidery arena in 2010. She now resides in Sierra Vista, AZ. She can be reached at

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