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Anita's Lace Tutorial Part 4: 3D Lace
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Project Details
Skill Level: Some Experience
Time Required: 2 Hour(s)
  • HDLA3
  • HDLA13
  • HDLA14
  • HDLA15

  • Preface:
    Three Dimensional Lace

    This is an interesting technique to give your lace more pizzazz. To do three dimensional lace you need to embroider two different designs, the lace design itself and the dimensional motif to add to it. We’ve included a few dimensional elements that you can add to some of the Anita’s lace motifs in this collection.

    The first step is to embroider both designs. Make sure you match the color of the dimensional motif with the element it is going to be sewn on top of.

    The next step is to position and sew on the dimensional element on top of the lace design. The final step is to complete your project.

    With some creative editing you can create your own dimensional embroidery. Make sure you choose designs that will work and always be sure you test sew the design element first. If the design is completely surrounded by a satin stitch it will probably work.


    Step 1:
    (Click Image to Enlarge)
    Embroider all of the individual designs needed to create the project. For this example we are using HDLA3 with HDLA13, HDLA14, and HDLA15 as the dimensional elements.

    Step 2:
    The next step is to lay out your project. This design is going to be an embellishment on a pillowcase.

    Step 3:
    (Click Image to Enlarge)
    Place your dimensional objects on top of the base object to make sure they fit into place. Be sure to match your thread color to the motif you are preparing to stitch.

    Step 4:
    (Click Image to Enlarge)
    Stitch the dimensional motif down onto the base embroidery using a wide zig-zag as a tacking stitch. A built in button sewing program is perfect for this task because it stitches securely in one place without moving the feed dogs.

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    Meet The Author: Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson is co-owner of Anita Goodesign, a company serving the home embroidery enthusiast. He is also owner of Artbox Digitizing Studio and the co-owner of Art-Sew-Perfect stock design company. Steve has won over 20 digitizing awards, written over 70 articles on digitizing and embroidery techniques and has produced 18 digitizing "How-To" videos. He has also digitized thousands of designs for the home textile and decorating industries and is bringing that experience and expertise to the Anita Goodesign Home Decor Collections

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